by Yannis Stavrou
ICAPS 09 Workshop on AI P&S for Ontologies and Semantic Web
Ontologies and Semantic Web are two topics often interrelated, that share a common angle. Both fields are interested in providing a knowledge-based, semantic layer for interpreting and reasoning about information and processing services made publicly available either in the web or in intranets. In the last years, Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling (AI P&S) techniques have addressed new challenges in terms of knowledge representation, being able to work with enriched domains, as well as in terms of new models for plan generation and execution. The combination of all these fields, AI P&S + Ontologies + Semantic Web, might add value to each one of them.

In this sense, this workshop is aimed to explore, on the one hand, the use of ontology-based knowledge models in AI P&S either for knowledge representation, for knowledge interchange or for accessing large data collections in the web or in (possibly heterogeneous) legacy databases. On the other hand, it is also focused on the use of AI P&S techniques as the core technology to put in practice the potential of semantic web concepts. Specially, the workshop will be interested in covering research and development fields where AI P&S plays a crucial role in either the semantic description or the intelligent management of services and processes, like Grid and Business Process Management (BPM) Systems.