1. Workshop Topics

The workshop will be interested on receiving research work (theoretical developments or practical applications) on the following issues:

  • Ontology-based models and AI P&S
    • Definition of planning ontologies that overcome drawbacks detected on the real application of standard planning languages (such as PDDL)
    • Use of ontologies as the basis for knowledge exchange between different components of intelligent systems (like multiagent systems), where planning is a core technology
    • Planning applications that use ontology concepts for their development
    • Integration of ontology editing tools with planning systems
    • Derivation of planning domain models from existing ontological knowledge
    • Planning and Scheduling ontologies for the Semantic Web
  • AI P&S techniques for Semantic web services (including Grid and BPM Systems)
    • Relationships between planning languages and standard languages for modelling services and business processes
    • Automatic and mixed-initiative composition of services
    • Execution monitoring and workflow repair
    • Interleaving information gathering for planning and workflow management
    • Plan verification and plan quality for services and workflows
    • AI P&S for distributed/SOA-based BPM