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Computer Vision Group

Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

The research group “Computer Vision” (CVG) is lined up with 2 Full Professors and 3 Associate Professors of the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Granada and 1 associate professor of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Malaga.
In 1986, Computer Engineering Studies were established at the University of Granada. In the same year the research group Digital Image Analysis and its Applications (DIATA) was created. In 2002, DIATA ceased to exist and two new groups were created, Computer Vision and Visual information Processing.
For a list of research topics in which CVG has been involved see research areas. CVG publications (in the last 10 years) include 4 books, 15 book chapters, more than 75 papers in international journals and more than 80 papers in conferences proceedings. The group has been involved in several research projects and contracts (see corresponding areas of our web page).
    Research Areas:    
  • Applications: Biomedicine/Astronomy/Cartography.
  • Feature extraction. Shape recognition.
  • Multiresolution processing. Scale selection.
  • Perceptual Distortion Measures. Target distinctness.
  • Visual perception. Image Representational models.
  • Image and video coding.
  • Attentive visual efficiency. Rational prioritization of visual information.
  • Image fusion. Methods and evaluation.
  • Publication analysis.


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