The following are some R packages I have developed and uploaded to CRAN. Click on the package name to go to the corresponding page on CRAN.


Welch-James Statistic for Robust Hypothesis Testing under Heterocedasticity and Non-Normality

Implementation of Johansen's general formulation of Welch-James's statistic with Approximate Degrees of Freedom, which makes it suitable for testing any linear hypothesis concerning cell means in univariate and multivariate mixed model designs when the data pose non-normality and non-homogeneous variance. Some improvements, namely trimmed means and Winsorized variances, and bootstrapping for calculating an empirical critical value, have been added to the classical formulation. The code departs from a previous SAS implementation available here, presented in:
[1] Keselman, H.J., Wilcox, R.R., and Lix, L.M. A generally robust approach to hypothesis testing in independent and correlated groups designs. Psychophysiology 40(4):586 - 596 (2003).

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Simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportions according to the method by Sison and Glaz

An implementation of a method for building simultaneous confidence intervals for the probabilities of a multinomial distribution given a set of observations, presented in:
[1] Sison, C.P and J. Glaz. Simultaneous confidence intervals and sample size determination for multinomial proportions. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 90:366-369 (1995).
[2] May, W.L. and W.D. Johnson. Constructing two-sided simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportions for small counts in a large number of cells. Journal of Statistical Software 5(6) (2000).


Fuzzy stationary probabilities from a sequence of observations of an unknown Markov chain

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Aligned Rank Transform for nonparametric factorial analysis

An implementation of the Aligned Rank Transform technique for factorial analysis presented in
[1] Higgins, J. J. and Tashtoush, S. An aligned rank transform test for interaction. Nonlinear World 1(2), pp. 201-211 (1994).
[2] Wobbrock, J.O., Findlater, L., Gergle, D. and Higgins, J.J. The Aligned Rank Transform for nonparametric factorial analyses using only ANOVA procedures. Proc. of CHI 2011, pp. 143-146 (2011).


Statistical Ranking Color Scheme for Multiple Pairwise Comparisons
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Standalone script to create a video sequence here (requires ImageMagick software installed).
NOTE: Under Linux, adjust the path.to.converter argument to (most likely) /usr/bin/convert
Standalone script and datasets to generate the data of the Machine Learning experiment in R here.

An image (left) and a convergence video (right) generated by SRCS on problems whose configurations are defined by at most 3 parameters (click to enlarge):



Fuzzy Linear Programming in R

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  • FuzzyLP: an R package for solving Fuzzy Linear Programming problems
    P.J. Villacorta, C.A. Rabelo, D.A. Pelta and J.L. Verdegay
    In: J. Kacprzyk et al. (eds.). Granular, Soft and Fuzzy Approaches for Intelligent Systems. Series: Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing 344, pp. 209 - 230. Springer International Publishing Switzerland (2017).