This Web site contains a fully usable implementation of the Fuzzy Linguistic MICMAC method (FLMICMAC) developed in the paper:

A new fuzzy linguistic approach to qualitative cross impact analysis
by Pablo J. Villacorta, Antonio D. Masegosa, Dagoberto Castellanos and Maria Teresa Lamata
Applied Soft Computing 24, pp. 19-30, 2014

It has been designed in the context of the ASCETAS research project by the Models of Decision and Optimization Research Group (MODO) of the University of Granada (Spain). It is aimed at uncovering the most relevant variables within a system using a linguistic version of the Cross Impact Analysis methodology. Please check the section About the Scenario method for more details.

This site provides the user with a web interface where he can easily upload his input file and get the corresponding outputs after applying FLMICMAC. The method is run on the MODO web server and the results are shown in a dynamically-built web page that includes the same nice colour plots contained in our journal paper.

Our method is a fuzzy linguistic extension of existing MICMAC method proposed by Michel Godet from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (CNAM) in Paris. The original crisp MICMAC has been implemented on this site as well so the user can compare the results of both methods on his/her own problem and input data.

Usage instructions of the methods can be found in the FAQ section on the left menu