Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial

Information for enterprises

The ARAI (APPROXIMATE REASONING AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) research group at the University of Granada (Spain) is one of the IT Andalucian research teams with more presence in Artificial Intelligence. The group offers services to enterprises coming from any area, in topics related with the design and implementation of intelligent systems, information systems, decision support systems, knowledge extraction or security systems, and the solution of prodiction, classification and optimization problems using advanted techniques of soft computing.

The ARAI research group pioneered the treatment of problems with imprecise information with artificial intelligence, since its beginning in the 70s. Currently, its research lines cover a wide range of topics due to the specialization and enrolement of further researchers in the last years, with a current number of 24 people.

The current existing applications in commerce solve the automatic processing problem, but they do not use to incorporate the capability of reasoning or intelligence similar to what a human could provide to solve the specific problem. Our experience and knowledge in the topics previously mentioned are able to provide these features to the enterprises. We have special interest in collaborating with enterprises making the following developments:

  • Information systems for tagged worlds, using RFID technologies
  • Decision support systems, to help enterprises in decision making
  • Knowledge extraction systems in which, starting from data acquired from the enterprise, we obtain a knowledge model for data mining
  • Security systems, surveillance, control of infraestructure operations, etc.
  • More complex system covering two or more previous topics

Finally, we offer further services to solve concrete problems, as time series prediction, classification, patter recognition, optimization (processes, routing, etc.), where the current techniques of soft computing are providing excellent results.

Next, we show some examples published on TV and newspapers of our previous developments, for those companies interested in our services:

Short news of the TV program TESIS, Canal 2 Andalucía, where it is presented the work to build a system to avoid dangerous situations for people with special needs.
ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A.. 2010

New at newspaper IDEAL: A team of researchers with the UGR work in a project to help elders and people with special needs to remember their daily routines.
ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A.. 2009

These news and more may be accessed through the ARAI research group site.