1. Presentation
He was born in Vilches (Jaén) an ancient town of Andalusia (Spain). He received an MSc in Computer Science (1992) and a PhD in Computer Science (2001) both  from theUniversity of Granada.
Since 1996 he is a  lecturer (permanent since 2003)  in the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Granada.
Since 2006, he is a Scientific Adviser ofIactive Intelligent Solutions, an IT spin-off of the University of Granada, promoted and participated by himself and other colleagues of the Sepia Working Group. A product of this company that incorporates part of the technology developed in this group is Egestia
He is member of Intelligent Systems Research Group His research interests are knowledge representation, AI planning and scheduling systems and their application to Semantic Web, Business Process Management (BPM), Emergency Management, e- Learning, e-Tourism, e- Health, Logistics and Manufacturing.