Weka-IP is an extension of Weka for credal classification written in Java and released under GPU Licence. In the current version, it contains four credal classifiers and a set of metrics specifically designed for the evaluation of credal classification. The full integration of these models in the GUI of Weka makes their use very simple.


Weka-IP is open source; it is released under the terms of the GNU GPL license. The zip file available for download contains:
  • weka-3.7-IP.jar : The jar file of the version of Weka used by our extension. Some minor changes in the evaluation classes were made to allow the integration of credal classifiers.
  • weka-3.7-IP-Plugin.jar : The jar file of Weka-IP.
  • UserManual.pdf: The user manual.
  • src/ : A compressed ``ZIP file'' with the sources of the modified version of Weka.
  • src/ : A compressed ``ZIP file'' with the sources of our Weka-IP extension.
  • experiment-example.exp : An example of an experiment configuration which employs different classification models with their associated data pre-processing steps.

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